Technical Assistance in the Development of the National Industrial Policy for Uganda, 2018-2028

Country: Uganda
Language: EN
Number: 3205799
Publication date: 18-07-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
Deadline: 98 days


Technical Assistance in the Development of the National Industrial Policy for Uganda, 2018-2028
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : Uganda Country Office - UGANDA
Deadline : 28-Jul-18
Posted on : 18-Jul-17
Development Area : INDUSTRY
Reference Number : 39273
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00070394 - National Development Plan (2015-2020)
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Overview :

Industrial development is an integral part of Uganda Government’s vision of transforming the economy from a peasant society to a modern and prosperous society within 30 years. The transformation process is to be hinged on the acceleration of industrialization through upgrading and diversification of the industrial sector to effectively harness local resources, offshoring industries and developing industrial clusters along value chains. The Government also seeks to directly invest in strategic areas to stimulate the economy and facilitate private sector growth.

The emphasis on Industrialization is expected to pay dividends through increased employment, more export earnings, widened tax base, increased integration with agriculture, product diversification, and higher productivity throughout the whole economy, among others.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives is mandated to oversee the industrial development process in Uganda and among its core functions is to formulate and review appropriate policies, legislation, regulations and standards for sustainable industrialization.

In 2008, Cabinet approved and launched the National Industrialization Policy (NIP) for ten years, with the overall objective of building the industrial sector into a modern, competitive and dynamic sector fully integrated into the domestic, regional and global economies.

The current policy stipulates the strategic direction for industrial development in Uganda for the ten years of its implementation and focuses on exploiting and developing natural domestic resource based industries, agro-processing, knowledge-based industries and engineering for capital goods. Now in the 10th and final year of implementing the policy, its key indicators include:

  • 25% - contribution of manufactured products to total GDP
  • 30% - contribution of manufactured exports to total exports
  • 30% - Value added in Industry (as a percentage of GDP
  • 4.2 score - Competitiveness Index

Objective of the consultancy:

In March, 2017, the Department of Industry and Technology with support from UNIDO embarked on the process of reviewing the existing National Industrial Policy, 2008 to take stock of the achievements, challenges and emerging issues in the last ten years of implementation. The output of the review process will inform the development of the new policy. This process was expected completed in June, 2017.

In order to fast-track the development of the new policy, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives seeks the services of a local consultant to provide technical support to an international consultant, under the guidance of a multi sectoral taskforce, in drafting of a new policy and implementation strategy for industrialization.

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Technical Expertise in the Development of the National Industrial Policy for Uganda, 2018-2028 Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)